Intellectual Property & Innovation

Neubauer Law advises you on the protection of intellectual property, handles legal and regulatory issues related to technology and life science and represents your interests before Swiss courts, administrative authorities and arbitration tribunals.

Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

We advise on intellectual property law (patent law, copyright law, design law, protection of plant varieties, typography, etc.) as well as on the protection of secrets (trade secrets, know-how) and assist in the development and implementation of protection strategies.

Digitalization and Data

We advise you on your digitization projects (procurement, outsourcing, etc.), counsel on legal issues on software (e.g. open source, Saas, etc.), data and artificial intelligence, and provide support e.g. in the areas of data protection or export control.

Technology und Life Science

We advise you in the field of information- and telecommunication law (ICT), medical device regulations and provide legal advice in the field of life science such as pharmaceutical laws, human research, etc.